Photo Gallery

Description of the photo gallery


When working we spend a lot of time communicating with our clients — Intended parents and assisted (surrogate) mothers. We help and support them on their way to a long-awaited happiness – having a baby.

We are happy when the moment of this exciting miracle comes – the moment of real “wonder of life”, the moment of birth of a new PERSON!

Very often happy parents share their joy with us – the first smile, the first word, the first step, joy and chagrin, just happy and interesting moments in their renewed family.
They show us their photos which are full of warmth and care. Somebody is ready to show their baby to the whole world, and somebody prefers to keep the photos only in their family album. It is their right. And we understand and respect it.  We are happy with them. We are happy that our efforts helped people to make their life bright and cheerful, that we brought sense of parenthood and care about the baby into their new everyday’s life.

Our hearts are overfull by these emotions and these bright feelings! And we are eager to share these happy events with you; we try to give you a small part of this sincere mood! The overpast moments must have continuation. That’s why we decided to create a new page on our web site. The photos of wonderful babies will be depicted here.  Here you can see the photos of babies that belong to our happy parents, who had a wish to place them on the website, and also some other photos which to our mind are interesting and cute.



All photos posted in this section are available with the permission of our customers sent us their pictures, or with the permission of the authors and others who wish to send us your photos, or were taken from public sources of the Internet.