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1 What is the cost of the surrogacy program in case if the surrogate mother did not achieve the pregnancy? 4156
2 Is a surrogacy program legal in Ukraine? 3569
3 We would like to learn more about the agency and the surrogacy program from your clients. Is it possible? 3312
4 Can a surrogate mother refuse to give the baby to the genetic parents? When must she refuse from this child? 3772
5 If the genetic mother has no possibility to get her own oocytes, is it possible to do the insemination by the sperm of the genetic father into the uterus of the surrogate mother? 5250
6 Is a contract with a surrogate mother so important? Is it obligatory to notarize the contract? 3714
7 How the process of registration of a newborn baby is conducted? 3341
8 You claim that all the candidates to a surrogate mother pass trough the complete investigation of their physical and mental health. Have you any guarantees that a surrogate will not have any problems with her health during the period of pregnancy? 3193
9 Do you organize all the necessary medical procedures? With what clinic do you cooperate? 3256
10 Do you provide the surrogacy program for single people? 3331
11 Could you please tell us about the efficiency of the surrogacy program? 2846
12 In what way can the divorce of the genetic parents influence the surrogacy program? How is the registration of the parents of the baby in the registration book conducted? 2648
13 Is the surrogacy program possible in case when the spouses cannot have children because of the age and genetic diseases? 2717
14 How long does it take to screen a surrogate mother? Will you please tell us how is the process conducted? 3213
15 We counted all the services that are provided by the agency and received the sum that is big enough for us. Is it possible to pay the program by installments? 2930
16 Who will be written in the column “mother”, “father” in the birth certificate? Will there be the name of a surrogate mother mentioned? 2951
17 Can you help in booking the hotel, apartment and other organizational support? 2427
18 How many times do we need to visit Kyiv during the program? How long do we need to stay there? 3107
19 Do I need visa for entry to Ukraine? 2821
20 How can we correctly choose a clinic and other medical establishments that will be engaged in the program? 2560

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