Phillip Kirkorov became a father with the help of surrogate mother


Last weekend on the ceremony “Golden Gramophone” Phillip Kirkorov has done sensational announcement: he became father at the first time in his life, a father of a beautiful girl.
By chance, the baby was born two minutes before his appearance on a stage.

Nicolay Baskov informed the mass media that Kirkorov’s daughter was born in America. Phillip shared this happy news first with his muse and ex-wife Alla Pugacheva. Even Maksim Galkin knew about future Phillip’s parenthood.
Phillip’s aunt Marie will help to bring up the baby.
Kirkorov’s friends claim that the girl was born by a surrogate mother- Russian woman, who lives in America for a long time.  At the nearest time Phillip will go to America to take the baby home.

Phillip Kirkorov: “A single man should have right to have a baby!”

Kirkorov: “…Now I have the sense of life!” (Interview from “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (“KP”)

- I am very grateful to the woman, who saved me from loneliness and did this deed for me. Seeing me to be alone, when the light of footlights is switched off, the applauses are over, my colleagues come back home to their families, and I come back home… To the cold, lonely bed… -Kirkorov said to “KP”.

- I am very grateful to her for giving me the possibility to experience this happiness. I cannot feel it completely now, because, unfortunately, I have not seen the daughter yet.

My daughter is in America now. But she will have Russian citizenship. As soon as the doctors regard it possible, we will take the baby home to Moscow. Why America? I made the decision that the baby will be born there only from the safety point of view. In order to avoid all the noise

And today as an example of a lonely man I want to show and prove that the lonely father has right to bring up the baby. I have financial possibility to provide the baby with good life, education and can give good profession. And with the help of “KP” I want to say that you should not be ashamed or be afraid of your loneliness. If you are alone in your life and can only watch on your love, being aside, but you cannot take her away from your heart and forget everything, you should get the happiness in order to live for somebody.

The singer confirmed that his daughter was born by a surrogate mother.
This confession was done by Phillip on Wednesday’s evening at the TV-show “Let them say ”.

Andrey Malakhov asked directly, if the baby for Phillip Kirkorov was born by a surrogate mother.
Kirkorov said the truth.
-Yes. I am not covering this fact, confessed Phillip.
- And I want to show my case as an example for lonely people, who want to have children, that proves that they can decide their problem. Of course, there are a lot of fans, who wants to give birth to a child for me.  But where is the guarantee that tomorrow this woman will not have the desire to take the baby back?

Alla Pugacheva about the Kirkorov’s baby: “Surrogate motherhood helps lonely people!”.
At the premiere of the film “Vysotsky” Alla Borisovna commented this happy occasion in ex-husband’s life.

-Yes, Phillip told me that he became a father. And I am very glad for him. We should not be hypocrites. We need to be kind people. Surrogate motherhood is widespread now among lonely people and that’s why used all over the world! If it brings happiness for Kirkorov, I will be happy for him! - Pugacheva said to journalists.

On materials "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Ukraine". (KP.UA)