3D-printer will help to solve the problem of female infertility


Experts from the US Northwestern University could print the 3D-printer artificial ovary. They are convinced that their invention in the very near future, will help solve the infertility problem of thousands of women.

According to scientists the problem of infertility will be solved in women with ovarian dysfunction, removal of the ovaries during the treatment of cancer, as well as those who are faced with the phenomenon of early menopause.

As the work progressed?
At first, scientists have made clear digital images of healthy ovaries, then the bodies were printed layer by layer. special frame, populated by immature eggs (oocytes) was created with the help of 3D-printer. The structure of this frame was made of gelatin - biological material derived from collagen (animal protein, which is the basis of organisms connective tissue).

The successful experience of the application of advanced technology recorded in rodents. The artificial ovary were implanted in female mice in which these bodies were previously removed. During the experiment, the artificial ovary is not rejected by the body and does not cause serious side effects. After transplantation, the mice could become pregnant and give birth to healthy children. In addition, in rodents stabilized hormonal cycles, so they can feed their offspring.

Scientists hope that in the near future, a technique designed to help them create a bioprosthesis human ovaries, which can be implanted in women to restore their fertility. In addition, experts are confident that their scientific work will have an impact on the development of other modern methods of soft tissue replacement.