Getting pregnant after cancer treatment? Such possibility is


Soon women undergoing treatment for cancer, you may be hope to experience the joy of motherhood.

About eight years ago, one of the girls before the start of chemotherapy decided to remove one ovary to its further freezing. And now it is planned to re-implantation.
If all goes well, the girl will be the first who will be able to get pregnant after ovarian freezing.

Thousands of girls after aggressive treatment may not become mothers due to damage to the reproductive organs. And this news gives them hope.

In Moaza Alnatrooshi hereditary blood disease - beta-thalassemia. In a London hospital she received chemotherapy, which attacks the ovaries. And then planned a bone marrow transplant her brother. Mom was afraid that in the future daughter will not be able to get pregnant, and began to look for all possible ways to avoid this.

The method proved to be very unusual. Human Reproduction Center specialists in Leeds girl ovary removed and frozen before chemotherapy. The remaining ovary functioned only partially. And for this reason, at age 21 she was faced with early menopause. Frozen ovary was delivered to Denmark last year, which generated feedback transplant procedure. After that, the patient's hormones went back to normal. To increase the chances of pregnancy Moaz Ahmed and her husband underwent IVF. Under eight oocytes were collected and three embryos were created that were frozen. One of them is planned to implant a girl in the next month. The doctors have a positive outlook, because the girl is still very young and she has all the chances of becoming pregnant.

There is a small correction, if all the necessary conditions for the reverse transplantation there is a risk of reintroduction of cancer cells has not been complied with frozen ovaries. Currently worldwide following procedure frozen ovarian transplants appeared no more than 20 children.