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Surrogacy. How much does it cost?

What is surrogacy?
Currogatnoe materinctvo - it embrionov gestation, resulting poluchennyh EKO, zhenschinoy (currogatnaya mother), not cvyazannoy c them (embryos) genetically.
(More details can be found in our section "Syrrogacy")

How much is surrogatenoe motherhood in Ukraine? And in Kiev?
We will try to figure it out.

In order to answer the question - how much surrogacy in TsUkraine and particularly in Kiev need to understand the cost structure bioroditeley (genetic parents) during the surrogacy program.
Let's look at what does stimost develops programs surrogtnogo motherhood.

Structure and cost of surrogacy programs:

  • • The cost of IVF or other procedures performed in clinics repreproduktsii;
  • • a medical examination of a surrogate mother;
  • • medicines for a surrogate mother in IVF cycle;
  • • travel and accommodation surrogate mother;
  • • financial obligations to a surrogate mother in the case of failure in a cycle of IVF or abortion in the early stages;
  • • financial obligations to ensure monthly payments surrogate mother (and the amount of time specified individually);
  • • Prenatal surrogate mother in full compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health (in the antenatal clinic at the place of residence of a surrogate mother, or on a commercial basis in a part of the clinic);
  • • continuation of the pregnancy (inpatient or outpatient treatment in the case of threatened abortion);
  • • delivery is a surrogate mother (can be as free in the maternity ward at the place of registration of the SM and on a commercial basis in one of the specialized medical institutions);
  • • full legal support of the program;
  • • financial compensation paid surrogate mother after birth;
  • • an additional payment of a surrogate mother in connection with a multiple pregnancy;
  • • additional financial costs associated with severe birth or cesarean delivery;

It is almost full cost structure genetic parents during surrogacy program in Ukraine, particularly in our International agency "Assisted Motherhood" .
Of course the number of items and their value may vary (we are working on the audited programs, but we always individual approach to kadomu client), but this structure was tested many years of experience (and not just from us) and eliminates the different "touch" ( medical and legal plans) for your decision to use the service SURROGACY as we have in the Agency and any other surrogate motherhood center in Kiev and Ukraine in general.

When contacting us, the International agency "Assisted Motherhood" you get a delicate and accurate individual plan your expenses.
(More see the prices for our services for SURROGACY PROGRAM you can on our website in the section "Fees".)

Confidentiality, professionalism and individual approach - these are our principles.
We are reviving the positive emotions and rejoice with you the birth of children in your families.

In January 2012, entered into force the Law of Ukraine "on the basis of health protection." In accordance with the legislation defines the circle of persons entitled to use reproductive technology, the criteria for women who will nurture other people's children.
By law, the services of surrogate mothers will be able to take advantage of single women, couples living in cohabiting relationships that previously prohibited. By law, no hard commitments for mandatory adoption of a child or surrender his biological parents.
Risk both ways, so there are more important issues in the use surroganogo motherhood than the issue price, the question - how much surrogacy in Ukraine.

Here it will be important to choose the right clinic where the procedure will be of surrogacy and legal assistance. It is important to prepare all necessary documents and papers to help the genetic parents to feel confident and secure, because women who are willing to endure for a fee someone else's child, all requirements defined by law. Also by law, such a woman can be in the role of a surrogate mother and the biological roles simultaneously.

Almost the only way for women who have severe disease or who have no uterus, get own child is surrogacy. With this method of treatment for infertility surrogate mother entered the embryo fertilized genetic mother and genetic father. Nine months of the surrogate mother carrying a child engaged in, not genetically her mother. Therefore, a newborn baby from a surrogate mother is genetically and legally considered a child of the couple, from which the embryo was transferred into the uterus of a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy in Ukraine. Surrogacy in Kiev.

Surrogacy performed in many clinics of Kiev.
Infertility is a serious problem of the Ukrainian people, acquiring a fairly large scale. According to these statistics, one in five married couple has a problem with self-conception of the child.
In the developed countries differently conduct the struggle for higher fertility, Ukraine is not worth the side of the problem. In the capital, a network of clinics has the latest equipment in reproductive medicine, and Kiev became the leader in the creation of centers of oocyte donation and surrogacy. One of the leading clinics in surrogacy matters is our partner - Clinic "Nadia".

Ukrainian leadership centers surrogacy accompanies a favorable legal framework of Ukraine. A distinctive feature of Ukrainian legislation on Russian legislation is the advantage of the rights of biological parents before the surrogate mother. In Russia, on the contrary, the surrogate mother may qualify for the award of parental rights to the unborn child. In Ukraine, such a right in a surrogate mother is absent. In addition, if the surrogate mother is married, then to participate in the husband must sign a written agreement. Age surrogate mother should not be more than 35 years, and it must be your own healthy baby.

In clinics and centers surrogacy in Ukraine cost of treatment depends on the preparation procedures for implantation, age surrogate mother, egg donor money, power equipment clinic modern methods of diagnosis and many other reasons.

For the program surrogacy in the first stage of a survey of synchronization of menstrual cycles of biological and surrogate mothers. Then being prepared endometrium surrogate mother using drugs estrogens and progesterone. Next withdrawn from the egg of the biological mother by puncture, which subsequently fertilized by sperm or donor's spouse. Ready embryos transferred into the surrogate mother who will bear a child.

The most important feature in the treatment program using "Surrogacy" - the price. In Ukraine, it depends on several factors. Treatment and compensation surroganoy mother - they are two different components. Treatment separately, as well as a fee for the surrogate mother due to the agreement (contract). Therefore, the contract with the surrogate mother must be specified consistently all items bearing the child.
From legally correct execution of contracts depends further favorable outcome awaited event - the birth of a healthy baby.