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Intended parents

Are you looking for a surrogate mother?

The right decision is to apply to a specialized agency for surrogate mother screening, which as an OFFICIAL organization has to be fully responsible and accountable for all its activities. The specialists give you detailed information which assists us to make the right decisions and ensure that the contract is drawn up correctly. They will present you with their database of surrogate mothers, who have undergone medical tests according to Ukrainian legislation and give you information about the payments made to a surrogate mother in compensation. At IAAM we are able to manage domestic and technical questions about surrogate motherhood at all the different stages of the process. We can choose the best package of services for you personally. If there is a valid reason to change the surrogate mother – IAAM will assist you in this delicate situation. It advises and/or solves all questions in consultation with specialists, protecting your privacy and confidentiality.

International agency “Assisted Motherhood” fully understands its responsibility in such programs and your worries as well as fears, which they will help you to overcome. We, as well as you and the surrogate mother, look forward to a positive result. That is why we have decided to work with the best specialists in reproductive technology – those of the Nadiya Clinic. If you wish, we can assist you if you are under treatment at other clinics. The key is to achieve the goal of motherhood!

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” – as an old proverb says. We will accompany you from the first meeting to the birth of your baby. We will answer all your questions.
The main aim of the official body is to regulate questions and liabilities between the parties. It is a guarantor of your relationships and the observance of legal norms.
Unfortunately, we can neither guarantee you pregnancy at the first IVF attempt nor duration of pregnancy which would be ideal from the medical point of view, but we do assure you of the best specialists in ART.

Surrogacy program

For infertility treatment with the help of surrogacy method the patients (Future parents) must be investigated according to the indications for treating by ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies).

Indications for surrogacy program:

  • absence of uterus (inborn or acquired);
  • deformation of cavity or neck of uterus as a result of congenital developmental defects or as a result of diseases which lead to inability to carry pregnancy;
  • synechias of uterus cavity which cannot be treated;
  • serious somatic diseases - when carrying of a pregnancy threatens the health or life of the recipient, but does not influence the health of the future child;
  • repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts (4 and more) with obtaining high quality embryos, transfer of which did not lead to the pregnancy.

Algorithm of conducting of the surrogacy program:

  • screening of a surrogate mother;
  • synchronization of menstrual cycle;
  • IVF procedure with embryo transfer into uterine of a surrogate mother;
  • Cryoconservation (freezing) of unused embryos;
  • diagnostic of pregnancy (control analysis of pregnancy);
  • supervision of pregnancy of a surrogate mother;
  • delivery (can be cooperated with intended parents).

The chances of receiving pregnancy  during the IVF cycle with embryo transfer to a surrogate mother are higher than during usual IVF procedure because the embryos are transferred into a healthy woman.