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New photos of "Our children"


New photos of "our children" in the photo gallery.


Parents who use our services, to share the joy and sent us pictures of their children.
With their permission, we publish them.


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Surrogate mothers

Requirements for future surrogate mothers


  age 23-34 years;
  having a healthy child (ren);
  the absence of medical contraindications;
  moral and psychological stability, responsibility and a desire to help a childless couple;
  lack of criminal record;
  spousal consent for participation in the surrogacy program (for those who are married);
  for nonresident - ready to move in pregnancy.


We provide:

confidentiality, medical and legal support, care during the entire program of surrogate motherhood.



Initial consultation


When a couple is faced with the need to use the program surrogate motherhood raises a lot of questions that so hard to find the answers!

Organizations that offer assistance in support of programs of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine enough. There are some in Kiev. Nevertheless, to make a choice is not always easy. Our employees are open to dialogue with you!

We are ready to be there - when you need help!


Please pre-enroll, so that we can pay for you to have enough time to help and believe my chance for a happy parenthood.

Waiting For You!

Apply for a consultation, you can have our manager on the phone:

+38 044 275-3546

International Agency Assisted Motherhood

About us

The International Agency Assisted Motherhood - is one of the few Ukrainian companies that brings together a team of qualified professionals and provides a complex of services for supporting the surrogacy program.

Why choose us?
We have reliable partners and many friends all over the world. Successfully bringing the joy of motherhood is a central activity that is dear to all our hearts!   We strive to bring you happiness and to protect you from any error, ensuring reliability, tranquility and certainty. We work with specialists who have devoted themselves for over fifteen years to solving surrogate motherhood problems. During this time thousands of children were born in families with this initial diagnosis: infertility without any hope. Through life, thousands of families have been restored to life!

Are you planning in vitro fertilization (IVF)? Are you looking for a surrogate mother?
Do you want to work with qualified specialists to avoid legal, organizational, ethical and any other problems or misunderstandings?
Do you need to protect your privacy?
Here is the answer: we are the right organization to provide such services. We want to assist you to become parents!

Our mission

The International Agency Assisted Motherhood Inc (IAAM) has been founded to regulate relationships between people who share the same aim.
It is there for those who want to become happy parents and for people who cannot be indifferent to somebody else’s misfortune.
We help people rediscover positive emotions and we are delighted when the birth eventually takes place.

Our company totally respects moral and ethical standards, assisting people honestly and openly.

Our values:

  • Clarity in relationships
  • Experience which the specialists in our partner-clinic have in the field of assisted reproductive technologies (ART)
  • All activity is undertaken in the context of current legislation
  • Specialization in the most difficult and the most worthy of respect part of reproductive health – Assisted Motherhood
  • Informing people about legal, moral and medical questions arising in the surrogacy process


Meet Our IAAM Staff





Giving life is the idea behind the foundation of IAAM. We can offer you qualified assistance not only in medical care but also in legal, organizational and ethical questions.


  • Victoria Rogatinska –  IAAM Director, a graduate of Kyiv National Economic University after Vadym Getman. She was granted a nursing diploma with honors when obtained her first education. Since 2000 she has worked in one of the centers of reproductive health, having tried herself on different positions as regular medical nurse, ultrasound assistant, surgery nurse, doctor’s assistant and chief of medical information and statistics section. She has a great experience in supporting IVF, donation and surrogacy programs.  She is a member of the Children to Come Association founded to support infertile couples.

    All her knowledge,  professional skill and enthusiasm are focused on assisting couples to obtain the long-expected pregnancy and to overcome sterility problems even in the most difficult cases.


  • Sergiy Lysytsya – Director of Legal Department, a specialist in the field of the family law, reproductive law and international relations. He graduated from Volyn Institute for Economics and Management, specializing in “Translation” and Kyiv National Economic University after Vadym Getman, specializing in “Law”.
    He has a great experience of work with foreign companies and clients in the field of legal support of assisted reproductive technologies treatment programs. He is the author and one of the planners of standards and documents for surrogacy programs support.
    Since foundation of the agency, he as the attorney has been practicing in the field of support and implementation of the ART treatment programs, especially in surrogacy.


  • Anna Baryshpol – program  coordinator, interpreter. Having graduated from Nizhyn State Gogol University, she uses her perfect knowledge of English and German in everyday work. She has experience in realization and supporting of programs of infertility treatment by means of assisted reproductive technologies.
    Anna – is the main contact between Intended parents and a surrogate mother. She knows that a child is a real blessing for every family. She is always ready to help you and answer all your questions.